We produce products that contain vitamins and minerals that your animals need but do not take with traditional dietary methods, but also provide additional benefits to their development and productivity.

efficient farming

Animal Food Supplements

first class raw materials

We use first class raw materials in the production of all our products.

reasonable price

We offer high quality products at economical prices with low profit.

continuous investment

Our investments for efficiency and speed in our production processes continue uninterrupted.

continuous R & D

In order to increase the quality and impact of our products, we do continuous R & D.



Accessible Sales Network

Domestic market , overseas experience and more

We are export more than 11 country especially Arabia,Qatar,Egypt and Libya , we render a service our customers with over 100 sales point in Turkey. Whereever you are in the World,it is possible to reach and procure our products.

High Production Capacity

High Technology, Experince & More

We produce with our high-tech mixing, press and packaging machines and our experienced team of experts and deliver our orders on time. The optimizations we make in our production processes increase our productivity.

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